Magical Beatles Tour

A Magical Beatles Tour

Let's do something new and different. What you are seeing is a CyberBook in progress. No... not a book...we'll call it a CyberJourney. Let's take this journey together. The Beatles themselves called it a Magical Mystery Tour. But there is no mystery about it. THE BEATLES WERE THE GREATEST MUSICAL GROUP OF ALL TIME. Their music still lives. Even after the death of John Lennon and George Harrison, they continue to publish their music. Free as a Bird, released with part one of their new Anthology CD, Vol 1, hits the top ten, 33 years after their first top ten hit.

Set your BOOKMARK for this page NOW because this journey will take us all over the world and it may be hard to get back. Through the Magic of the Internet, we will find others like us who continue to talk about, look at and listen to the Beatles. Crank up your sound card because we will let the Beatles talk about themselves, others talk about them and listen to their music. Make sure your video card can take in all the colors the Beatles created, especially during their psychedelic period. If you are looking for an excuse to graduate from AOL to a local internet provider or to upgrade to more bandwidth to speed up some big graphics or .wav files, then this is your excuse.



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